Louis Vuitton Malletier v. My Other Bag

Andres Kroboth Trademark

It appears the battle between My Other Bag Inc. and Louis Vuitton is over, for now at least. This week the U.S. Supreme Court denied Louis Vuitton’s request to review the Second District’s ruling in favor of My Other Bag.

Earlier last year My Other Bag successfully defended a trademark lawsuit from Louis Vuitton. My Other Bag produces (relatively) inexpensive canvas bags that read “My Other Bag is …” one one side, while the other side comically depicts a Louis Vuitton bag with the “MOB” symbol instead of the iconic “LV” logo. My Other Bag argued the bags are a parody not subject to a trademark dilution charge, and the Second District agreed. In its opinion, the court offered some advice to Louis Vuitton: that in some cases it is better to “accept the implied compliment” for what was a clear attempt at humor.