The relationship between a franchisor and franchisee can be a great success for all, but it can also be founded on misrepresentation or result in one of the parties failing to perform its fundamental responsibilities under the Franchise Agreement. These occurrences can result in substantial damage to a franchisor or franchisee. Further, franchises are unique business entities that require specialized legal representation when issues arise.

We are familiar with these intricacies and have are experienced in representing both franchisors and franchisees’ litigation needs. We have successfully represented franchisors and franchisees of both startup franchises and large national or international franchise systems in a broad range of industries when they were faced with legal challenges. These industries have included home healthcare, commercial cleaning, restaurant, tanning, frozen yogurt, medical weight loss, fitness, real estate, entertainment, eye glass/optometry, urgent care, animal care, and more.

You can’t do well unless your franchisees do well.Richard Cole
Founder, Geeks on Call

Our experience also spans a wide variety of franchise issues, including breach of contract, fraudulent misrepresentation, unfair and deceptive trade practices, trademark infringement, trade dress infringement, tortious interference, and injunctions, to name a few. These representations range from complex litigations in state federal, and bankruptcy court, to less formal negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and administrative proceedings.

Our aptitude at enforcing franchise rights gives us a unique advantage in preparing Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD), Franchise Agreements, Licensing Agreements, and other related documentation for our franchisor clients, or reviewing and advising our franchisee clients regarding those key documents when evaluating a franchise opportunity for those considering the purchase of a franchise unit. Let us use our experience and expertise to grow and protect your business investment.